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Installation Details: All builders and specifiers require clarity when including certain brands of products and/or individual sections into the build project. Therefore with our vast experience in this field and substantial standard details library we are able to offer design input for all joinery suites. If you are not able to source what you require on the following sites listed below, please do not hesitate to 


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Quality Assurance
Design and Testing Standards

All Phoenix Windows & Doors joinery designs are tested in an international accredited New Zealand laboratory, and complies with New Zealand Standards - NZS 4211: 1958 Specification for Performance of Windows NZS 4223 (Part 3) Glazing and NZS 3504: 1997 Specification for Windows.

NZS4211 refers to a window and how it is built. There are specific standards of wind loadings and air and moisture leakage that windows must meet to comply with this standard.

NZS 4223 (Part 3) refers to glass safety requirements in locations where it is likely to be subject to human impact - that is all areas within 2 meters of the floor.

NZS3504 refers to a window in position and the loadings that specifically relate to joinery. The window must be of certain strength in relation to size and installation.


Phoenix Windows & Doors is a member of the Window Association of New Zealand (WANZ) and offer a 2-year guarantee on workmanship. A 5-year guarantee is often provided as a marketing tool.


Our powder supplier carries a 10-year film integrity warranty and 7-year colour integrity warranty. Written warranties can be supplied upon request.