North Shore Commercial Building displays cutting edge style with dramatic results.

Project : 'The Wedge'

Architect: Lance Herbst

Installed by: Phoenix Windows & Doors

This North Shore Icon features 6 metre high structurally glazed windows, with not one frame the same as the next. The free standing tilt slab panelling is installed at various angles to create multiple shadow lines and capture the viewers attention.

Products Used: Commercial Series Concealed                                              Structural Jamb

This required Phoenix Windows & Doors to specifically engineer a Project Specific extrusion to acheive this end result.

The entry is expansive, creating an instant feeling of space. One workspace flows to the next with an open-plan format throughout the building; natural light enters the building through multiple openings whilst giving a sense of privacy.

The design of the building in collaboration with the Builder, Architect, Phoenix Windows & Doors and the developer, is a modern minimalist building that appears float above the land beneath and will surely stand the test of time.

Chases for back flashings were needed to be cut into each and every opening, a purpose designed sill tray for each and every unit was required, as structural sealant was the first line of defence a mechanical seal was essential, this was located inside the building line, but deigned to direct any failure water to external surafces.

Architects envisioned the appearance of glass meeting concrete, which was achieved through the development of a concealed structural jamb.  This sight line goal was achieved internally by returning the gib over the fixing leg.

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