Over and above just being the single largest and most visible component of your windows and doors, today’s glass technology offers many features and benefits. You should take into consideration the following criteria before you make your final selection.

Sound Control

Controlling sound in modern buildings is a key design criteria, as unwanted noise can be a nuisance. The noise may be from traffic, trains, aircraft, factories, machines, hotel and bars or just from the neighbours. But whatever the source, the correct selection of glass, window systems and construction materials are crucial for a peaceful environment. Increasing the thickness of glass is one means of which to improve performance, but investing in Soundstop A CIP Laminate glass is the best choice.


Damage caused by vandalism can be minimised by the use of laminated glass, which ensures that any broken shards of glass adhere to the interlayer and acts as a deterrent to burglars by slowing them down and attracting attention. The amount of protection is dependent on the glass and interlayer type and thickness. Standard 6.38mm laminated glass will provide minimum protection and SAFELITE AB (Anti Bandit) 7.5mm and 11.5mm will provide greater protection.

UV & Temperature Control

Protecting valuable furnishings or artwork from the destructive fading effects of the sun has always been desirable to home and building owners. In order to completely prevent fading, furnishings would have to be in a temperature and humidity controlled environment where they received no contact with natural light. However, as this is not practical, selecting an appropriate glass type becomes significant in reducing the rate at which fading will occur.

Insulation & Double Glazing

Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) are designed to provide thermal insulation for building envelopes. They are used to reduce building heat loss and heat gain depending on the climate and IGU combination. Insulating Glass Units are sometimes called Double Glazing, Double Glass Units (DGU) or Sealed Insulating Glass Units (SIGU). Changing the glass types from clear to tint and or laminates can add additional thermal gains as can the addition of Argon gas to each unit.