The Eco House 'Touches the ground lightly'

Project : 'The Eco House'

Architect: Paul Gladman

Installed by: Phoenix Windows & Doors

The 'Eco House' just north of Auckland, was built using a modular system.Laminted beams and posts provide the structure and the engineering is all in the frame. The plan is based around a standard building materials size, 1.2 x 2.4. The design system worked on the grid size which ultimately resulted in no wastage of materials and rapid construction because cutting and other materials was avoided.

Paul Gladman, the architect, says a 'building sustainably' philospohy has gone into the planning.Timber is used wherever possible. There are minimal foundations and as it is a heavy pollutant,minimal use of the concrete as well.

Phoenix Windows & Doors provided the joinery using standard domestic joinery with no jamb liners and returning the Gib Board into the liner groove, giving a very clean crisp architectural look to the inside. Double glazing could not be used without changing the sizes and configurations of the joinery which neither the Architect nor Phoenix wanted to do, as doing so would compromise the design.

The housed is termed a ‘lifestyle home’. It has the ability to change shape by inserting or removing walls to suit the occupants.

​The basic eco principals have been learned and developed over time by Paul Gladman and 
applied very successfully in this house, proving that an eco house can comfortably be part of 
prevailing trends in look and costs.

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